The Source Lab will share components, pieces and elements that are being used in a few projects we have been envisioning for some time. You will see various pages and or links outlining things as we gather them to share here.

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thesourcelab.com is our main domain and is under construction.

https://github.com/digitalmystic is David Carlson’s GitHub (

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We believe in supporting the Open Source community and the Open Source Philosophy is only one aspect of our organization.

The Source Lab is interested in planting seeds in the Freemium Economy.

So, as a standard, we will provide all of our solutions in several forms:

  1. [Free] Every solution will be documented in open form, describing the newest stable version as close to a layperson’s terms as possible, in a way so a reader can build their own copy (assuming enough general knowledge about the topic).
  2. [Low cost] If a solution includes material components, we will make kits available, so people may buy good quality components and just assemble them, based on the documentation (see #1)
  3. [Moderate cost] We will be running workshops, where people will learn in practice, under our team’s guidance, how to assemble kits into the ready product.
  4. [High cost] For people who require turnkey solutions and do not wish to spend time working on them, we will provide ready-made devices, along with installation and user training services, wherever appropriate.

Levels of form which have an associated “cost” will be handled independently by independently owned and operated cooperative and corporate business models, depending on the level of the business’s role.

Every level beyond 1, is equal to another.

ie. Low-Cost level would be a corporate cooperative organization for profit for the individual members that contribute content as well as those who own systems at other levels. (Minimum cost for membership buy-in, subscription-based and potential purchase of kits).

The moderate cost could be cooperative & corporate organizations with blended ownership. (Moderate cost for membership buy-in, all low-cost perks receive a physical copy of their base system setup, on DVD with a USB Key and they provide the hardware themselves as well as a monthly subscription fee for ongoing updates and support)

High cost, would be cooperative & corporate organizations whose turnkey solutions will come with full voting privileges in the operation and long-term vision of the organization.  Buying in at the “High Cost” level gets you a seat at the table with full and equal rights to any other organisation member.

Members at this level, purchase a model of our Base Server and an annual subscription, or a customized System of their choice, which are shipped from our sister company, NetworkIron Solutions Inc. 

This is why “The Source Lab” appears on the domain www.networkiron.ca.

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