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October 20, 2016

linux-bug-lifetime-2016-10So a bug has a chance of surviving for 5 years on average so far in the Linux code base. Interesting.

Here is a truth

BUGS are $ (aka bucks) Cashola, dinero, yen, etc. So Bugs = $

This is why Bill Gates knew that people will pay you to fix the bugs. Pay you lots of $ to eliminate the problems. Only assholes consciously create bugs 😀 ?

Thus, not every bug should be eliminated and for those, some create more and some eliminate some. Humans are prone to mistakes correct?

Programming can be fun. Some of us are bug hunters, bug makers or bug breakers. Some cowboys breed their own special breed of bugs 😉 *chuckle*

Some of us quietly go about our work without much fan fare or recognition. We are not in the game for that reason. Which one are you?



Build your own search engine

Create Your Own Search Engine with Python

Here’s another beautiful example of the power of Open Source. I thought about building my own search engine. “Work smart, not hard” is something smart developers do. They are lazy. If they can re-use their own code or someone else has done a lot of the heavy lifting, bonus. Re-use the code. Re-cycle the code. Re-purpose the code. So here we go. Using Python and other open source projects we build bigger software using other building blocks of working, functional code. Our efforts can contribute back into the biosphere of the community of developers that work on various pieces of software. Therefore multiplying one anothers’ efforts. A rather magickal practice that magnifies everyone’s ability to affect outcomes, in a positive way for the greatest good of all.