Open Source Cloud…

Currently I am researching options on Open Source Cloud solutions. is about 10 alternatives to DropBox. is another article on a few options.

OwnCloud appears on both these lists,  Using Linode or other possible commercial hosters to host your own semi-private cloud solution or mirroring your local system to them is another thing we are exploring. Linode , AWS Amazon Web Services and some other possible commercial cloud providers as mirroring options for our locally seated/seeded solutions.  Is another one we’re reviewing. is another article with a selection of options that are encrypted and self-hosted.


Update ~ October 26, 2018:  A company out of San Diego, California has launched a product and software. Antsle ( is a hardware and Operating System Build System they also have a software only offering ( EdgeLinux 

They have a dashboard for their hardware they call antMan ( Their hardware offering antsleone ( is configurable with options and external expansions.

Currently getting mixed reviews from what I am seeing in my research.

This may be a suitable starting point, from what I am seeing of their product specifications and options.



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