This article proposes something that I have long believed was an untapped opportunity and this article discusses some aspects of the idea. Click the link below and read the article and then come back and read on here…

via Narrative Launches Blockchain Based Social Network That Puts Revenue In Your Pocket, Not Mark Zuckerberg’s – Blockchain News

Welcome back. ( Hopefully you’ve read the linked article above.)

Narrative (in the article above) is a new startup using previously developed technology in an openly democratic social platform with oversights that they outline in their descriptions.

Their system utilizes users to moderate the system. I am not sure how much they’re considered protections against manipulation of their system. As we’ve seen in some environments, this far most eventually fall victim to explicit abuse to the detriment of the environment.

Some systems have survived these critical core failures and arisen stronger or forked projects that dealt with systemic flaws in various ways.

I have been observing the technology industry and involved in it, at one level or another all of my life and I believe that I am laying out the groundwork here for a highly disruptive model that empowers the content creators that utilize technology as part of their work flow.

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