Step 1: Elevator-In-A-Box™®©

Using this foundation component.

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Construct a freestanding level transitioning system for buildings which are approximately 4 stories in height.

Allows small building owners the ability to establish a universally accessible level transitioning system in a stand-alone solution.

Pour a HEMPcrete™®© footing/pad and insert lag bolts into footing and fasten to the brackets of the Elevator-In-A-Box™®©

Drive up, stand up the Elevator-In-A-Box™®©  to the freshly cured HEMPcrete™®© foundation you have laid beside your building and prepared to construct your level extensions for each floor of the building through the appropriate exterior wall.

Shipping container’s footprint can support an emergency safety ladder (optional external mount) And ample room for a backup generator, battery system and optional solar panel and wind generator  interfaces.

Off-grid operation is primary and due to size of this base model, this system can be used in tandem with existing grid with built-in backup or the owner can optional ruggedize their solution with larger capacity power systems on board, beyond the minimum required for the core lift function.

In other words, this solution is designed to work, with or without your local utility provider making this both and off-grid, more eco-friendly solution and allows building owners to establish universal barrier free access to their properties that are 4 storeys and smaller.


An idea I’ve been contemplating for a while.


Link to KickStarter below:

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  1. DEC Post author

    If in Canada there are 14,072,080 Occupied private dwellings and 18.0 percent of those are Apartments in a building that has fewer than five storeys this solution will work. That’s a Total Potential Market for Canada of 2 532 974 potential sites which this solution may potentially fit. Estimated cost @$250 000 Canada per unit that a Total Gross Market Potential of $633,243,500,000.00 Canadian.

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