Musings about an Open Source trust and creation platform with micro-transaction support

Written concept of a virtual environment with a Matrix of trust between the nodes that make up the individual Simulators interconnected by the Internet and replicated in a cloud to ensure redundancy and up-time.

Prerequisite knowledge: Second Life Avatar presence or other virtual environments following similar models. A Client viewer/browser and a separate server, interconnected to multiple servers. In the case of Second Life Linden Labs is the owner of the environment and thus holds all the cards.

There are many other grids, and again they are dependent on a corporation for their infrastructure.

What I am proposing is this.

A cloud of private servers that interact and share their data as part of a virtual environment that they are free to participate in completely under their control because they have a physical server sitting in their home that is where their Simulator is, along with all their data that they create in the virtual environment and in the server, doing physical world activities. All their data.

The system will contain a copy of Diaspora, an Open Source project, designed to allow individuals to extract their data from the likes of social networks like Facebook, and retain control of their data.

Twitter, does not store historical data for your tweets. Your twitter stream is your data and in that regards, we are looking to liberate you from retaining your data that you share via twitter, in whatever time period you wish to have.

Since it is your data that these tools, and systems carry and you use to work with over the Internet, into the global network of media streams, private, public, corporate, government, all forms and levels of Life in “The System” which is operated by people like ourselves.

This puts the data, the bits, the creations, the people who build in these environments, should be able to reap the rewards of their efforts and receive proper recognition for their contribution and they have avenues to receive recognition for their efforts through the medium of the Internet, virtual, physical, inbound, outbound, it is after all, their creation and each of us shares with others.

See further notes, on The Source Lab blog.

transposed from a document I had tucked away, December 30, 2016.

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