Dreaming about Open Hardware

Sometimes I sit and day dream  (Offsite URL: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-couch/201003/decoding-hidden-meaning-in-your-daydreams )  about what I see as possible configuration of existing technologies that can be combined in novel ways, to expand their versatility and usefulness in improving all of our collective, quality of life?

I have always believed that our current level of technology was being restrained for less than positive motives.  Built-in obsolescence, do not fix all the bugs in your first go round, you are eliminating work too quickly is unwise. 🙂 Maybe I am sounding pessimistic, I know that this is a truth for Closed Source companies. Entropy.

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Oui, octal core setup is adequate for my base 4/3 sim setup (4 cores, 3 for the sims and one for the databases.) Octal core allows for 2x2x2x2 (2coresX2coresX2coresx2cores)=2x2x2x2=16 and external servers are 4core minimum @home (3200/3400 opterons in a cube with 3 1Gb Ethernett, USB3, HDMI, Lightning, FibreChannel, DVI, Firewire 800.
#David E. Carlson


 ~I have a friend who could build us a GPIB Expansion Bus
 for future, as well as PCIy (?) interfacing for an expansion card 
with a 4 socket DSP, 4x FPGA , 4x GPU, Arm 11 (Octal core),
 Arm9 UltraLowPower CPU

March 4, 2018

Ryzen based computing modules that are interconnected using Hypertransport 3.0 connections for module interconnects.

    One substrate
  • 2 Octal Core CPUs (Qualcomm?) ARM? AMD? Intel?
  • 2 DSPs (TI)
  • 2 GPUs (ATI/AMD)
  • 4 FPGA (Xylinix?)

additional options?

  • Fibre Channel
  • USB3
  • Hypertransport 3
  • USB-C

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