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FPGA ideas and more…

A base phone using an FPGA  + ? Camera? What IO?

Raspberry pi is using the modular backplane idea I discussed as early as 2005. Great to see the development and more to come.

Using HypetrTransport 3.0 bus to interconnect FPGA modules, CPU modules, GPU modules, DSP modules, IO modules and more.

To be continued…

January 26, 2017


Block Diagram of a Sound Card

An Open Source Hardware Audio Card, PCI Express, DSP, and FPGA as well as supporting I/O blocks

As in this diagram.

Open Source Cloud…

Currently I am researching options on Open Source Cloud solutions. is about 10 alternatives to DropBox. is another article on a few options.

OwnCloud appears on both these lists,  Using Linode or other possible commercial hosters to host your own semi-private cloud solution or mirroring your local system to them is another thing we are exploring. Linode , AWS Amazon Web Services and some other possible commercial cloud providers as mirroring options for our locally seated/seeded solutions.  Is another one we’re reviewing. is another article with a selection of options that are encrypted and self-hosted.


Update ~ October 26, 2018:  A company out of San Diego, California has launched a product and software. Antsle ( is a hardware and Operating System Build System they also have a software only offering ( EdgeLinux 

They have a dashboard for their hardware they call antMan ( Their hardware offering antsleone ( is configurable with options and external expansions.

Currently getting mixed reviews from what I am seeing in my research.

This may be a suitable starting point, from what I am seeing of their product specifications and options.