So you want to monetize your blog?

We do this on the blog with our GreenGeeks hosting affiliate banners you see on various pages.

If you follow this link connected via this banner below.

You will be led to our affiliate link where there is a Black Friday Hosting Special that begins November 25 and you do not even have to line up to take advantage of the deal.

You’ve got your hosting?

You’ve got your domain? site is up and running and you want to make it pay for itself?


At least give you a platform to connect with your customers/clients?

Maybe you want to build a site for your family?

WordPress is a simple platform. As easy to use as Google Docs or Microsoft Docs.

It’s truly the platform that lifts off many small business and places them on the web. As they begin to explore the possibilities of possessing a site for the business or organization is keeping it up and securing it.

Again, you could simply hire or contract a webmaster to oversee your site and keep you online. 

If you’d like to get in touch with us, please do.


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