Researching Ideas for the Raspberry Pi 4 and 5

I own a Raspberry Pi 1 that I inherited from a friend who gave his to me. And during the lockdown I acquired a Raspberrypi 4 8GB and so I have been brainstorming about ways to to put these things into use and at the same time generating worthwhile educational content back to the Open Source community through, this blog and various ways we tap into the Internet here. Here’s a couple of recent links below, I have been exploring to see what’s out there in the Sprawl of Cyberspace.

And here’s a plexiglass case around a Raspberry Pi cluster for your drooling pleasure.

and below are a few links elsewhere.

Love this idea, using a RaspberryPi 4 or 5 for this as a foundation would be interesting

Awesome Raspberry Pi Projects for Engineers

50 of the most important Raspberry Pi Sensors and Components

Detect Wi-Fi deauthentication attack using ESP8266 and receive notification on smartphone



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